Features and Benefits

In the same way that map services on the cloud bring real-time map information to web maps, GeoCollaborate® is a cloud service that brings real-time geospatial data sharing and collaboration across an unlimited number of disparate web maps.

The concept behind GeoCollaborate® is simple: allow anyone to author the content of a lead web map, share that content, and collaborate with others in real time on follower web maps.  GeoCollaborate® is available on the cloud as a hosted web map and a data sharing and collaborative service. The web maps can be hosted on StormCenter’s GeoCollaborate® servers or on any customer web server.

GeoCollaborate® customers licensed to take the lead can publish on the server, and the GeoCollaborate® feed is made available to as many followers as desired using any web map.  In this CaaS model, the maintenance agreement includes the hosted platform service package along with the collaboration service.

In addition to enabling real-time data sharing and collaboration between disparate web maps, there are key features of the GeoCollaborate® service that make it valuable in a variety of decision support service workflows:

  • Web map authoring – add to or edit any layers already on a web map layers list.
  • Uploading and serving GIS layers – upload geospatial layers from a desktop and host them on GeoCollaborate® to share within seconds.
  • Collaborative drawing tools – make annotations on a map and all followers will receive them on their maps.
  • Messaging tool – send messages to others, even when they are not actively collaborating.
  • Key points tool – share text and links in addition to geospatial data.
  • Interactive tutorials – let the web map guide users through the instructions.

Upgrades, maintenance, and system administration take place securely in the cloud and are managed by StormCenter so customers don’t have to spend time dealing with installations, new version upgrades, hardware compatibility issues, or IT issues related to GeoCollaborate®.  When a customer web map or the service is upgraded, all users benefit without having to run separate installations.